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Portland, OR

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Rating: ★★★★★
"Charlene did an excellent job with my wedding invitations! I received so many compliments. She was professional, communicative, and on time. Highly recommended!" - Jennifer, Portland, OR
Review from WBAdmin:
Rating: ★★★★★
My husband and I did most of the planning for our wedding, we just needed someone to execute all of our hard work--and boy did Charlene deliver. We made all of the decisions and she made them happen. She was well versed in my day-of itinerary/wedding program (every minute was planned) and she made sure every Vendor knew what time they needed to be there and where to set up. She made sure the wedding party was on cue and knew what to do and when to do it---and she did this so gracefully. She was so sweet that she also helped gather all my centerpieces, props, and artwork, and organized them for easy transport for my friends and family to take to the hotel. Also, a few weeks later, I heard from one of my friends that I had forgotten to include my husbands' aunt and uncle on the seating chart (soooo bad), but I didn't hear about it because Charlene handled it for me and I wasn't bothered with this detail on my special day. T'was a great day. One that I will always remember. I would highly recommend and would trust Charlene as your day-of coordinator. The day goes by so fast, your focus should be on each other and having fun! - Juvy, Burlingame, CA
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